The Free City of Akbatustamboul


The Free City, Stamboul, The City of Sorcerers

Akbatustamboul is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the known world. Growing from its origins as a small port town into a hub of trade, scholarship, and social trends, the Free City is said to be the jewel of the continent, and the new home of the gods.

Early History

In the days of rising empires following the Rending, none thought much of the tiny port village on a rocky peninsula at the southernmost reaches of the Caliphate of Osheau. Blah blah blah, Dilmen, Blah blah blah Osman, blah blah blah Imram, blah blah blah Akbut.

The Five Quarters of the City

Akbatustamboul is divided into five districts known as quarters. Each quarter is governed by a Shah, with a varied number of Emirs to aid in the day-to-day governance of the city. Each Quarter also hosts a Janissary barracks, and the Janissaries enforce the rule of the Sultan with direction from the Emirs and Shahs.

The Palace Quarter

Home of the Sultan’s palace and the Royal Academy, as well as the largest and most important Janissary Barracks. The Vizier headquarters is also here, and many of the extended royal family also have homes here.

The Temple Quarter

Shrines and temples to all the gods can be found here, however none are as grand or as splendid as the Grand Library of Dilmen. Religious tolerance is one of the Free City’s core ideals, but by law, Dilmen is the city’s patron, and none are worshiped more than he.

The Market Quarter

All things mercantile belong here, including the High Counting House. The Palace of the Sheiks, home to the Council of Sheiks, is also located in this quarter, along with many homes and money-lending institutions.

The Seaside Quarter

The fleets of fishing, trade, and numerous other ships can be found here, as well as the amenities sailors patronize. This is the most diverse Quarter, and many of the Orc refugees have made this area their home. It is also home to the very curious Alvanian Consulate and the Ambassador who resides at the Sultan’s pleasure.

The Tower Quarter

High above the city are the tops of the towers where Skyrider masts and docks are maintained, and a small “city above the city” bustles at all hours. Home to the Skyrider fleet and one of the most elite Janissary companies, known as “Hawks of the Sultan.”

The Outlying Land

Sometimes called the “Farm Quarter,” the lands around and about the Free City are farms and holdings. Ruled by minor noblemen often called “Country Emirs,” these lands are vital to the supply of food for trade and consumption, as well as the aqueducts that provide fresh water from the watersheds in the mountains to the northeast. Mounted Janissary Cohorts patrol these lands frequently.

The Free City of Akbatustamboul

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